Summer Projects and Internship

Students are required to enroll in 5 courses every semester and engage in business internship once between the sixth and seventh semester. The students are also required to participate a summer project work between the fourth and fifth semester. Each course has a minimum of about 48 credits hours divided into 32 sessions of one and a half hour each depending upon the needs and requirements of the course.

Summer Internship

The students are required to undertake a summer internship during the Semester break between the sixth and seventh semester. Internship provides students with an opportunity to gain real-life experience by working in a real organizational setting. The internship lasts for a period of six to eight weeks. The college will arrange the internship for all the students enrolled in the program. During internship, students will be supervised by a faculty supervisor assigned from the college and supervisor from the respective organization where he/she is doing the internship.